Re-Discovery (and some shame, too)


Just browsing around in my ‘old’ stuff, I came across my blog that hasn’t been update for quite a while.

Although I’m still interested in increasing my mind power (and actually I think I still am, but not as focused as I should). As I still believe achieving this would help me significantly with all my other wishes I hardly dare call goals (I haven’t found the balls yet, as I’m afraid to start and lose my drive for it)

I know what I need but I don’t know how to acquire it.

What I need is a clear, obvious, thrilling and exciting reason to go on with it besides the knowledge (but not the realization) that one will never get anywhere without trying. I’ve got nothing to lose, but I haven’t pictured yet what I can win…



My experiences with wendi’s audio clips go up and down. Sometimes I easily get into trance / relaxation, but sometimes it’s not working at all and I feel my mind wandering off several times. The second and third audio clips are even harder (I guess because I’m not experienced in the first one yet). I also haven’t noticed any dramatic changes. (Although I don’t know what dramatic changes I’m expecting.)Stop smoking certainly would be a great improvement and I’ve been targeting that now and then, but I guess that’s a hard thing to chance since I don’t enjoy smoking at all and still I keep doing it.  I don’t know what effect smoking pod and self-hypnosis gives, but it seems better to me to quit doing that altogether as well…

Hypnosis Audio


On I found these free samples of their product (It’s quite complicated to get them from their website, because you have to actually purchase them and enter a code that’s sent to you by email and then you get a discount so you end up paying nothing) . You get three samples that last a good 35 minutes altogether.

Basically, Wendi (I guess it’s her) tells you to relax and she does this much the same way as other hypnosis techniques (I assume). Compared to the instruction from hypnosis methods as the Silva method, they use the same principles.

The first one doesn’t do anything else then bringing you peace and getting you in trance, which is wonderful. I’m still having some difficulties with the second and the third audio sample though.

What happens in this one is that she puts you in a trance quickly and then takes you deeper (the go-down-the-stairs method). I don’t seem to be able to go in trance quick enough (or there is too much tension still, I don’t know).

Anyway, certainly worth trying.

The Silva method seems to be good as well, the only thing I experience with it is that the pauses between the spoken items are sometimes so long that I tend to drift away. Maybe I’m just too tired ?


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The Silva Method


I’ve heard of this technique through my girlfriend. She actually has these cd’s at home. We’re planning to go to a seminar from Silva himself in October. In the mean time I’ll try to get a hold of these cd’s (not easy, my girlfriend is in Canada and I am in Belgium), and I will try it out.

I’ve completely stopped with the sublimation technique although the sentences sometimes are still ringing through my mind. I do feel healthier, more energetic since about a week, but that’s mainly because I’ve been drinking water on a regular basis because I knew I wasn’t drinking enough.

I have been practicing the relaxed-place-technique. I even made a cd with my voice guiding me to the process with a heart-beat and soft music supporting my voice. But I am still not able to keep my concentration and I wander of in the middle of a sentence…

I still haven't figured out what goes under the label of self-hypnosis and what doesn't...



My life over the past days have completely messed up my consistency. Upcoming is a wedding from a close friend which will also disrupt the systems I’m trying to set up in my life, but hey, sometimes we need a break.

I’ve also been doing so much research into other techniques regarding self-hypnosis and I’ve subscribed to so many newsletters that I am almost doing nothing else then reading newsletters, blogs, posts, etc…

Although my energy levels have increased somewhat by drinking a glass of water every hour, I still notice that when I’m practicing self-hypnosis (where you follow the same path in your mind towards a relaxed place), I get kinda lost just before I reach that place. (that’s not very clear is it ? I’ll explain again with the specific example)

So first I relax and breathe and all that. Then I imagine being on a path in a wood. I try to feel the soft soil touching my feet. I can smell the woods and I feel a comfortable breeze around my body. Then I walk down towards a little house noticing the nice roof and the flowers in front of it. Through the door comes a smell of a nice soup and soft music. I walk in and see the structure of the house. I notice a picture on the wall from a little plane with me on the wheel (my dream). Next to it is a certificate with my name on it saying that I completed the being-a-pilot course. Then I walk out on the terrace and sit down. In front of me is a nice lake with trees and stuff. Then I am in my relaxed place. But last times I didn’t get any further that the picture of my plane. A few minutes later I noticed that my mind had wondered off completely on other things and I was about to fall asleep.

My own explanation for it is that I’m getting better in hypnosis, but I might need a guidance since my conscious mind loses control. Maybe I should make a recording or something to guide me.

Day #19 New System #2 coming ?


By now, the discovery that Sublimation only works as a placebo has found its way well and firmly into my brain. (funny isn't it, that you have proof that your mind alone can achieve all these things, but as soon as you discover that you're being tricked, you can't do it anymore). So I've given up all hope that it will have a lot of effect if any (but I'll keep trying).

In a newsletter from Lisa Diane (an amazing woman who got out of depth from over $50.000 in the blink of an eye and now lives in wealth (see the link in my links section to find out more)), a new self-hypnosis technique to change your mind is presented. It's called AudiNeuro Technology.

I'm interested, but I don't have the money to purchase it (in depth for over 7000 €)

So, I've asked them to help me out and in return I will help them out (and in return they will help me out again :-) ).

The reason why I could help them out is because I'm a pretty skeptic person and I haven't been familiar for very long with all this so I am in no way involved with any of this which makes me a good reference. And in turn they will generate traffic to my blog as well, since they'll use me as a reference. That's what I call symbiosis !!

Day # 17 : Sobering up


This forum that I found here contains a reply from a pro which says:

Research shows that subliminal messages have only the effect that the user expects, not the effect of the message on the recording.

That’s kind of a disappointment. The thought of this possibility has crossed my mind, but I’ve been kind of ignoring it, but when I see black on light-blue…

However, I will keep on practising it. When I receive this free ebook (as mentioned in the previous post) I will start exercising that and in the mean time, who knows, it might do something since I have been expecting results (I only never fully believed in it)

But then again, who believes in Quantum mechanics, superstrings and the holographic universe ? And there is more pro than against material.

Well, the experience will teach me